Sunday, February 17, 2013


My current band obsession is Lord Huron from Los Angeles. I've been on Lord Huron kick since I saw them play at Motr Pub in OTR back in September for the Midpoint Music Festival 2012. I really didn't know much about them other than I just recognize the name from a station on the radio. I was actually suppose to see a totally different band that night, but I kind of lost my group of friends I was with so I went to see them instead. I'm glad I did. By far one of my favorite performances from that festival. Just about everyday I've been listening to "Lonesome Dreams", their first album, on repeat. They have that type of sound that makes you want to hop in your car, put their album on and go on an adventure. To be honest, I couldn't pick just one song that I like. Each song off the album has a beautiful melody that I can't help getting lost into. I always find myself dancing around the house whenever I listen to them.
I'm definitely a fan of Lord Huron. 

The video above is from their performance on NPR's Tiny Desk. Set list includes: "She Lit A Fire", "Time To Run", "Lonesome Dreams", and " Ends Of The Earth".
Hope you all enjoy!

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